The Low Carb Fat Loss Cook Book

Author Shaun Stafford
Price £14.99

We all know that you can't out train a bad diet, and the work you are putting in at the gym can either be completely reinforced or completely destroyed by your efforts in the kitchen!

Nutrition is one of those things that most people struggle with. When eating to progress with your fitness and physique goals, most people become shackled in a circle of boring, tasteless and unimaginative food.

This collaboration with the amazing Team at Fresh Fitness Food will not only have your taste buds firing, but will also perfectly complement your training goals, and help you towards the fat loss results you crave!

Included in this book are 20 comprehensive, macro specific and simply divine fitness meals used on a daily basis by some of the worlds top fitness models and athletes. These recipes come complete with a guide from Shaun Stafford of how to implement for efficient fat loss.

There is also a wide variety of nutritional tips and tricks from both Shaun and Fresh Fitness Food. Learn how to prepare food efficiently and get the most out of every meal.

Length: 62 Pages

Delivery Method: Digital Download



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